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Kelley Gupton, Owner Posey Planning Services, L.LC.

Business Launch Inspired by Sister’s Battle against Breast Cancer.

By: Angeline Lawrence, Founder, www.entrepreneurexchangegroup.com Breast Cancer is a disease that has robbed us of loved ones, both old and young. The 2009 National Cancer Society study predicated over 190,000 women would be diagnosed with breast cancer. Of that number, approximately 18,600 of these women would be under the age of 45 years old. The nightmare of those statistics was realized for the sister of Kelley Gupton, owner and lead … [Read More...]

Dreams of Entrepreneurship: Dream Realized Creating Our Own Future 2011

Dreams of Entrepreneurship: You Must Have a Team to Reach Your Dreams

Dreams of Entrepreneurship: Dream Realized Creating Our Own Future 2011By: Stephanie L. Jones, Host of Creating Our Own Future Event 2011 Daymond John, Keynote Speaker Dreams of Entrepreneurship –  You Must have a Team to Reach Your Dreams I’m a huge fan of the movie “Inception” starring Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio.  The movie is about the power of dreams and the possibilities made available once a person’s mind is … [Read More...]


Six Ways to Finance Your Small Business

  By: Lorra Brown, Founder, J. Stevens & Associates Women are starting businesses at a rapid rate. As a member of several women’s associations, I am frequently asked how women can obtain financing for their businesses. I've heard accounts from women stating that they have used their savings, credit cards and home equity. According to the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) 2012 report approximately 55% of … [Read More...]

You Tube

Are You Leaving Money On The Table By Ignoring You Tube?

You Tube By: Kwan Stafford, Guest Contributor No matter what you’re told, the overall point of any business is to make money. With that truth in mind, I believe it is safe to say that any business owner should be constantly looking for creative ways to diversify their business’ market share and revenue streams. The time is ripe for any business person to increase their market share beyond their locale. This being said, most businessmen … [Read More...]


The Vision Statement: Light that guides your path to Entrepreneurship

Congratulations if you are contemplating becoming an entrepreneur!  It is one of the most rewarding opportunities you could ever endeavor.  It takes hard work, perseverance, complete dedication, and faith to make your dreams a reality. How do you take that leap or make that first step to realizing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur?  My advice is, while you still have some sort of base income, decide what you are passionate about then … [Read More...]

Ken Brown Coach's Corner

The Dream of Entrepreneurship

http://kenbrowninternational.com Coach’s Corner The Dream of Entrepreneurship By: Ken Brown Welcome to the Coach’s Corner.  You will be mentored by the world renowned entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and business coach Ken Brown, of Ken Brown International. He will provide you with a weekly video blog to help you on your road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He will also teach seasoned veterans how to step up their … [Read More...]

Featured Entreprenuer

Treats by Angelique

Treats by Angelique: Entrepreneur that bakes from the heart to feed our souls.

    By: Angeline Lawrence, Founder, EntrepreneurExchangeGroup.com Munching on a chocolate chip cookie baked by Angelique Robinson, owner of Treats by Angelique (TbA) is a guilty pleasure to say the least. Once that chocolate hits your pallet along with your teeth sinking into the moist yet crisp cookie you are in heaven.  The professional and […]


Get Your Code On! Wordpress Workshop Part I

GET YOUR CODE ON! WordPress Workshop Part I

We'll take a look at WordPress from a business standpoint: what features can we use to inform, promote business and encourage discussion amongst our target audience? A hands-on tour of the WordPress … [Read More...]

E2g Entrepreneur Exchange Group Coworking Day

Sell Tickets through Eventbrite … [Read More...]

Understanding the Business of You Tube Workshop

Understanding the Business of You Tube

Understanding the Business of You Tube Workshop PRESENTED BY: Entrepreneur Exchange Group.com and Crystal Rose Love Channel Monday, March 25th, 2013 6:00pm – 7:30pm Tech Town Conference Room A 440 … [Read More...]

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